Month: September 2014

  • Driving in the southwest

    We took a left turn in Albuquerque and headed North to Salt Lake. I usually don’t post an update about the drive, but this is a special place. I’m not sure the pictures will even do it justice. I really should have gotten out the good camera for some of these.

  • Pony Express RV Park – WiFi

    Another Tengo Park, but it is free and the speed (at 6:30 am) seems to be decent. I was able to make my morning video call without much interruption.

  • Mountain View RV Park – WiFi

              I didn’t want to be so harsh on the WiFi signal here. I worked all day from here so I know it was at least usable during the day. But I did these tests at about 2:30 and these were the results. The first one is connected to my wifi […]

  • Weatherford, Texas

    We stayed on the west side of Dallas so that we could be nearer Laurel’s family.  On Thursday laurels dad flew into Ft Worth and came to see us at the park.  It was nice to let someone else see how we pack up and leave,  our process has improved so much since our frantic […]

  • Dallas, Texas

    We actually stayed in Arlington, about 6 miles from Cowboys Stadium. But if they get to be the Dallas Cowboys, then this post is called Dallas, Tx.

  • Treetops RV resort – WiFi

    Treetops Carefree RV Resort Another Tengo Internet based park. But this time you only get 1 day free then it’s $5.95 per day (discounts for bulk purchases), it was passable. I really wasn’t expecting much. It’s one of those that get’s a ‘B’ rating but then varies greatly during the day. Their Tengo account page […]

  • Austin, Texas

    Austin is one of those cities that everyone tells you that you will like before you get there and they’re probably not wrong. I say probably because it seems like everyone would love a city with a college town vibe, tons of live music, great beers, friendly people, clean rivers, low-ish prices. The only down […]

  • French Quarter RV Park – WiFi test

    Again, not the best. But I was there on a weekend, so I didn’t have to work with it.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana

    New Orleans is somewhere we have talked about going to for a while. Laurel spent a lot of time there with her cousin Sam after high school. She always said that someday we should go down there for a weekend, well this was someday!

  • A bump in the road

      So this happened. As we were rushing to get the RV to the courthouse so that we could register it in Florida we ran into a little snag. We got ourselves into a tight parking lot in the back of the courthouse. As I nervously positioned the RV to make a tight turn around […]