About Us

We were previously living in Fairfax City, VA, outside of Washington DC. We decided that it was time to sell our house and move on from the busy DC area. Like so many other people we were finished with the high cost of living and endless unrelenting soul killing traffic. We decided to take this opportunity to see what else the rest of the country has to offer. We love the East Coast and Appalachian culture, but we’ve heard of other places and rumors of fun towns across the land.

We decided that the best way to do this was to sell most of our furniture, pack up what little we had left into a 36 ft motorhome and hit the road. We will be visiting friends and family in all parts of the country and deciding where to live full time. In the mean time we will be trying to chronicle our adventure on this site.

Mark Schumaker

Stockton and Malone statuesI am a computer programmer with experience in Java, .NET and various web based languages. This work allows me the freedom to work remotely while on this trip. I have a degree in Digital Art from George Mason University, I would like to use that more often. I hope this trip will bring more opportunities for graphic design. I’m not a beer ‘snob’ but I love a good beer. One of my goals on this trip is to sample as much craft beer as I can in every city.

Laurel Schumaker

laurel I swear I was a gypsy in another life.  I’m definitely happiest when traveling.  I’ll admit that I’m addicted to the thrill of exploring new places, people, foods, and new ideas.  It’s genetic you know (thanks Dad!).   They’re calling it the “Wanderlust Gene” and some 20% of the World’s population has it.  No joke!  That’s a real thing!  And I’m proud to call myself a part of this group of renegade nomads.  Our insatiable curiosity and restlessness make the world a more exciting place. How do I get to travel full time and make a living?  I have a flourishing natural wellness business that I can work from anywhere, anytime.  I make my own rules in life and in my career and I couldn’t be happier getting to be on the road with Mark and “the kids”.

Baby Girl

IMAG1069I am a 16 year old Shitzu who is taking my two humans on my retirement trip across the country. I enjoy sleeping, napping, and snoozing. I don’t really care about other dogs, cats or people. I just want to stick my head out the window in as many places as possible.  I can’t see these places very well, but my nose still works and I’m enjoying all the smells around the country.

Dina the Cat

IMAG1017My name is Dina, I’m the cat. I’m not always sure what is going on with this tiny little house that my humans are living in now. Sometimes its very quite and I get some quality napping time. Then suddenly there are some beeps then the monster under the house wakes up and carries the house on it’s back. The humans seem to be afraid of him, one of them has to be awake and holding onto the big circle at all times when the monster is awake. Eventually he gets tired and stops at a place with a bunch of other tiny houses.  Then things get quiet again and I forgive my parents pretty quickly for letting the monster out.