Category: WiFi

  • WiFi : Lighthouse Point (Cedar Point)

    Pretty good signal without the extender but somewhere in the middle on ping speed. Hooked up the extender and saw a huge jump. But had to fiddle with the DNS settings to get it to pass through. Kind of a pain, but I’m getting used to it.

  • WiFi : Martin Campground

    We are pretty far from the office and I couldn’t even connect with just my laptop. So another victory for the Antenna. But it’s pretty bad.

  • WiFi : Cape Girardeau RV Park

    When it works it’s great.  But it just stops working randomly, I think there might be some kind of DNS conflict, or maybe it just took some time to sort itself out. But didn’t work at night, works this morning… so there.

  • WiFi : Tom Sawyer’s Mississippi RV Park

    Again B+ on this test is an A+ in the RV Park world. Super fast internet, 900-1000Kbps download speeds. I did have some trouble connecting last night and they do have a note on their handout that says “Do not attempt to connect your wireless router to Tom Sawyers Network”. But I don’t see the […]

  • WiFi : Woodshire Mobile Home Park

    Didn’t have much faith in this one and that’s pretty much what you get.

  • WiFi : Weatherford KOA

    125ms ping may be bad for home internet, but as far as campground wifi goes it’s pretty good. Looks like it’s about 100kbps FTP download speed.

  • Wifi : Abeline KOA

    7:30 am, park about half full. But It seems fast, so unless everyone starts using it at once… I think it’s good. *UPDATE* – this is probably the best wifi of any park that we’ve been to in the country. 800-1000kbps download speeds, no data limit, no html sign-in. Great upload speeds also, I’m finally […]

  • WiFi : Clovis RV Park

    I did not expect this park to have the best internet connection. But I am pleasantly surprised! 400kbps sustained downloads.

  • WiFi : Trailer Ranch RV Resort

    Now that’s some fast internet. Once again the smaller park wins again. The park is pretty full, it was 6 am, so we’ll see how this works through the rest of the day. Also I was able to connect our wifi bridge without any trouble.

  • WiFi : OK RV Park

    The Signal wasn’t as terrible as these readings make it seem, that’s why I tested it multiple times. But they do have some kind of software running that limits sustained transfers at high speeds, the testing would start with a ping of 150 and then finish terrible like this. So in actual usage it was […]