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We did not drive the RV here! But Laurel and I did both travel here to a wedding in January. So I’m including it on the website. We were invited by family friends to their wedding in Antigua Guatemala and since we thought that this was a great idea we ended up spending 11 days down there. We are SO glad we did! Guatemala isn’t one of those places you think of when you think ‘Destination Wedding’.  It’s actually not one of those places you think of when you think ‘Safe Place to Visit’. But we know and trust the Bride and Groom so we jumped at the opportunity.

We flew into Guatemala City on Wednesday morning. We took the ‘Red Eye’ out of Los Angeles which left at 12am and arrived at 6am. This sounded like a great plan on paper, we would get an extra full day! The down side is that they hotel wasn’t ready when we got there since it was only 10am, so we left our bags at the front desk and walked around the city like sleep deprived Zombies. In our sleep deprived state we were unable to fend off the street vendors and ended up buying more fabrics and necklaces than we would have with a full nights sleep. But we were assured that that these were top quality wares and that we were special and getting a good deal. Getting in before everyone else did give us a chance to explore the city by ourselves before any of the other wedding guests arrived. We also stayed a WEEK after the wedding, so it felt like we lived there and some friends were coming into town for a wedding.

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