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Website got deleted

Apparently I need to keep track of my web security better. Something happened to my dreamhost site and it took down a bunch of sites. I recovered the Databases, but it looks like i’ve lost most of the images.

I’ll try to get it as much back to normal as I can!

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SchusUntied 2 Recap

We traveled about the same distance as before, but we had some major stops because of car trouble. We visited a lot of family and enjoyed almost every minute of it. We are so grateful to our family and friends for letting us indulge in this crazy adventure. I’ll try to post more about the trip, but I didn’t want to forget to post this!

Roadtrippers Recap


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Fixing RV Electric issues on the road

This seems like something that will help everyone so I’m going to post it here. We have been having weird electrical issues in the RV for ‘a while’… it’s those little things that you just put up with until they mount up. Lets list the issues.

  • Every time you turn that light on in the slide, it blows all the fuses on the right side of the RV.
  • If you turn both dash fans on above medium, it will blow the fuses.
  • The water tank monitor stopped working
  • the propane leak detector kept going off all the time.
  • the carbon monoxide detector went bad AGAIN.
  • if I turned on the light above the dinet, the powered antenna went off.

We tried A LOT of things to solve these problems. I wrote Fleetwood and got the Electrical diagrams for all the circuits...

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Out here again

So, We are doing it again. We decided that we didn’t want to spend the winter on the mountain this year. Things have changed a little since we arrived in the RV in 2015, unfortunately we have no pets now, but we have a human child. As much as traveling the country with a cat and dog seemed strange, traveling with a one year old baby seems even more crazy. We’ve been thinking about this trip for a long time. We plan on doing it a little more efficiently this time, staying with friends and camping more on public lands and state parks. The theory is that since we would have paid for flights to SF, Georgia, and Florida for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. That we would save that money and put it directly in the gas tank. We’ve tried to get the RV ready for the road in the last month...

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Memphis, Tennesee

We technically stayed in Arkansas… because there’s a great RV park right along the Mississippi river in West Memphis. We did go out in Memphis twice, I think this was the first time we had been to a city that neither of us had been to before. It was a better choice than Branson…

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Texas, Round 2

When we got back into Texas it was like a different world from when we left. They had been getting rain about 4 times a week for 3 months and everything was so green. What was dusty western scrub brush was lush grassland. It was an AMAZING sight. It really was a stark difference from the extreme drought in southern California. It set the scene for a great visit in Texas

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

We decided to stay up in Santa Fe instead of Albuquerque because we had always heard that it was a great town filled with Art and food. We were on our way through the southwest to Texas but we managed to hit Santa Fe on a weekend. So we got to pack in a lot of food and adventure in to a short time. I would have to say, they weren’t wrong, this place is awesome.

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Holbrook, Arizona

There’s not a lot going on in Holbrook, AZ. We stayed in the North side of town where there are a few hotels and restaurants for the people traveling on historic route 66. In the south side there are plenty of ridiculous dinosaur statues and one or two mexican restaurants. But it’s a good stopover if you’re passing through the area.

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Flagstaff, Arizona

It felt like we had been in Vegas long enough. So we planned out our route home on Laurel wanted to go through Texas again to see her grandparents and friends in Dallas so we took the southern route again. If we hadn’t had to go that way we probably would have gone north through Colorado. Our first stop on this was just a couple of hours outside Las Vegas, Flagstaff Arizona. It’s another ‘college town’ home to Northern Arizona University. It has a really fun downtown area with great little shops and restaurants. My phone went dead one day, so there aren’t as many pictures as there should be.

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Coming home, leaving some things, moving on.

It was a little strange rolling back into Northern VA after having been on the road for so long. Everything’s sort of the same, but it feels different. We parked the RV in my coworkers driveway and continued our life just like it was the days before. The stop wasn’t all great for the family, while we were here we lost two members of the family. Laurel’s grandmother had been in failing health for a while and we knew that we had to get back to see her one last time. At one month over her 100th birthday she passed away. She was a great woman who led her family with respect and intelligence and we will miss her.

In a tragic turn of events, our dog Baby also passed while we were home in VA...

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