Month: May 2015

  • WiFi : Woodshire Mobile Home Park

    Didn’t have much faith in this one and that’s pretty much what you get.

  • Instagram : We might avoid the weather

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  • Instagram : Untapped festival fort Worth

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  • WiFi : Weatherford KOA

    125ms ping may be bad for home internet, but as far as campground wifi goes it’s pretty good. Looks like it’s about 100kbps FTP download speed.

  • Los Angeles, California

    I’m breaking up the format of these posts a little, when we were staying in one place for a couple weeks at a time it kind of made sense to have them all in one post. But since we stayed in the LA area for a while and every city is a little bit different I’m going […]

  • Anaheim, California

    Anaheim is a city in Orange County California, It’s mostly known for being the home of Disneyland also known by me for being the home of 90’s rock princess Gwen Stefani and No Doubt. Like all suburbs of LA it has a chip on it’s shoulder in relation to all the other suburbs and a […]

  • Guatemala

    We did not drive the RV here! But Laurel and I did both travel here to a wedding in January. So I’m including it on the website. We were invited by family friends to their wedding in Antigua Guatemala and since we thought that this was a great idea we ended up spending 11 days […]

  • Wifi : Abeline KOA

    7:30 am, park about half full. But It seems fast, so unless everyone starts using it at once… I think it’s good. *UPDATE* – this is probably the best wifi of any park that we’ve been to in the country. 800-1000kbps download speeds, no data limit, no html sign-in. Great upload speeds also, I’m finally […]

  • WiFi : Clovis RV Park

    I did not expect this park to have the best internet connection. But I am pleasantly surprised! 400kbps sustained downloads.

  • Instagram : She’s a climbing fool.

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