Fixing RV Electric issues on the road

This seems like something that will help everyone so I’m going to post it here. We have been having weird electrical issues in the RV for ‘a while’… it’s those little things that you just put up with until they mount up. Lets list the issues.

  • Every time you turn that light on in the slide, it blows all the fuses on the right side of the RV.
  • If you turn both dash fans on above medium, it will blow the fuses.
  • The water tank monitor stopped working
  • the propane leak detector kept going off all the time.
  • the carbon monoxide detector went bad AGAIN.
  • if I turned on the light above the dinet, the powered antenna went off.

We tried A LOT of things to solve these problems. I wrote Fleetwood and got the Electrical diagrams for all the circuits. I tried to trace the wire bundles back to figure out if some infestation of mice had eaten all the wires. I replaced so many fuses and checked so many voltages.

Then I opened the battery compartment… and just happened to notice that there was and extra wire attached to the battery, it had an inline fuse, that was exposed and touching the metal battery compartment. We moved that… AND EVERYTHING WORKED. CRAZY. EVERYTHING WORKED.



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