Life in the slow lane

I’ve never been one of those people that have to drive crazy fast on the highway.  I always assumed that you’ll get there at pretty much the same time if you just go the speed limit.  And I’ve received my fair share of dirty looks for leaving plenty of space in front of me in traffic.  So it really isn’t that hard for me to transition to a vehicle with acceleration that can be measured on a sundial

But what I find most interesting is how little I care about all the tiny cars scurrying around me as I do 55 in a 70. It’s probably because I’m 5 times their size and my window is so high that I can possibly see them giving me the finger.

Also that’s just about as fast as this thing can go on a road where you have to turn or go uphill. If you get a good stretch of straight downhill roads, you can get this beast moving at quite a clip. I heard of a guy who got one up to about 75 one time going downhill through Idaho.


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