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Texas, Round 2

When we got back into Texas it was like a different world from when we left. They had been getting rain about 4 times a week for 3 months and everything was so green. What was dusty western scrub brush was lush grassland. It was an AMAZING sight. It really was a stark difference from the extreme drought in southern California. It set the scene for a great visit in Texas

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Flagstaff, Arizona

It felt like we had been in Vegas long enough. So we planned out our route home on Laurel wanted to go through Texas again to see her grandparents and friends in Dallas so we took the southern route again. If we hadn’t had to go that way we probably would have gone north through Colorado. Our first stop on this was just a couple of hours outside Las Vegas, Flagstaff Arizona. It’s another ‘college town’ home to Northern Arizona University. It has a really fun downtown area with great little shops and restaurants. My phone went dead one day, so there aren’t as many pictures as there should be.

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