Flagstaff, Arizona

It felt like we had been in Vegas long enough. So we planned out our route home on Roadtrippers.com. Laurel wanted to go through Texas again to see her grandparents and friends in Dallas so we took the southern route again. If we hadn’t had to go that way we probably would have gone north through Colorado. Our first stop on this was just a couple of hours outside Las Vegas, Flagstaff Arizona. It’s another ‘college town’ home to Northern Arizona University. It has a really fun downtown area with great little shops and restaurants. My phone went dead one day, so there aren’t as many pictures as there should be.

Beaver Street Brewery

We forced ourselves to go out on the first night there and we found this place downtown. It had a great mountain lodge vibe, mixed with a little irish pub. My phone died so there aren’t any pictures of the inside, but I remember the food being very comforting and the beer was good. But we were so tired…

Mother Road Brewing

IMAG4137.jpgMother road referring to route 66 which runs through the town. We didn’t stay long here because we were looking for a place to eat and they didn’t have any food available. The whole location is pretty much just enough for one small bar surrounded by the brew tanks. They did have some good beers, their Coffee porter was the strongest coffee flavor that I’ve ever seen. It would literally be good with milk.

Lumberyard Brewing

A much bigger brewpub than the others in town. We just stopped here to have a taste after our night out in downtown. It had a slow happy vibe in there, maybe because school had already let out for the summer. But it had a real ‘mountain town’ feeling.

Devil Burger

Great Burgers! One of those new burger places that gives you so much information about the grass fed, grass finished, local beef that you feel like you personally know this cow. But behind all the pretense, the burgers are very good. We also watched the Capitals win a playoff game here, so that was pretty good also.

McGaughs Smoke & Bottle

We found this little gem while we were walking downtown. It was the size of a small shed and only sold beer and cigars. I liked their selection and the guy behind the counter was honest about the beer. He described the new rouge Voodoo donut beer as ‘a donut that you dropped on the ground and dragged across the floor of a brewery’. The reviews say that their stock can be a little old, but I found them to be fine.

Thorpe Park Disc Golf Course

The course layout itself is decent. Mostly in the trees with some open shots. The terrain is a little hilly with a bunch of boulders strewn about. But what I really remember is that the ground is COVERED with broken glass. That is a problem sometimes at disc golf courses, but this is clearly from years and years of college and high school kids partying in the woods. Because almost none of it is sharp, it’s almost like sea glass.

Walnut Canyon

IMAG4115.jpgI didn’t know what to expect with this place because it was a smaller park. But I think it’s a must stop if you’re driving route 66 from los angeles. You can walk on a path (and stairs) down into a canyon and see up close some cliff dwellings. The scale and closeness really lets you appreciate how hard it was to live in the area and when you learn that they were driven here be a volcanic eruption you feel for the desperation that must have driven them here.

Flagstaff KOA

IMAG4101.jpgThis was our first KOA in a while. I guess we had been putting too much stock in the RVParkReviews because they seem to like the more ‘resort’ type places.  I thought this place was great. Free WiFi, clean bathrooms, friendly staff. real woodsy lots.

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