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WiFi : Anaheim Resort RV Park spot 179

150 yards from the office with the external antenna mounted on the roof pointing back at the office. Seems great right now, but it is Tengo Internet, so I could run into bandwidth caps and slowdowns.

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SchusUntied WiFi Bridge Fixed

I’ve loved this Engenius ENS200 wifi bridge device that I got before the trip. It’s really helped me connect to far away WiFi repeaters and get a really solid connection on all our devices, some of which have terrible reception. The only problems with my setup have been that since I had the device in ‘bridge’ mode I had to physically connect my laptop, with static IP settings when I was setting it up at a new park. Which wasn’t really a problem, just annoying. There were some parks that it just wouldn’t work at, it seemed to connect but it wouldn’t get internet access. I assumed that it was some kind of routing or DNS issue, but I’m not a network engineer.

Because Laurel is gone right now I actually had some time last night to really work on it. I found a great article on another RV travel...

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