SchusUntied WiFi Bridge Fixed



I’ve loved this Engenius ENS200 wifi bridge device that I got before the trip. It’s really helped me connect to far away WiFi repeaters and get a really solid connection on all our devices, some of which have terrible reception. The only problems with my setup have been that since I had the device in ‘bridge’ mode I had to physically connect my laptop, with static IP settings when I was setting it up at a new park. Which wasn’t really a problem, just annoying. There were some parks that it just wouldn’t work at, it seemed to connect but it wouldn’t get internet access. I assumed that it was some kind of routing or DNS issue, but I’m not a network engineer.

Because Laurel is gone right now I actually had some time last night to really work on it. I found a great article on another RV travel blog about setting up a similar system. It REALLY helped to have someone explain things in detail and having it in an RV was a total bonus!

So now all I have to do is connect to the router, go to a web page and configure a new wireless connection when we get to a new park. AND IT WORKS AT ALL PARKS NOW!

Now if I could just get this thing mounted then everything would be perfect!


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