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Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach was our landing spot in southern California after spending a couple months around San Francisco. We were tired of the rain and general gloomieness of the weather and needed some winter sunshine. Also we had booked our flights to Guatemala out of LAX, so we needed to be somewhat near the airport. It’s tough to find a RV park around the LA area that has the amenities we wanted and still be affordable and in a nicer neighborhood. Man, do we sound needy. When looking at the parks on the Internet it can be difficult to tell what the neighborhood is like. Even with the review sites you need to get an idea of who is giving the reviews before you trust their judgment of the area. That’s why you can trust me!

The first night we were in Huntington we walked down to the pier and hap...

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WiFi : Huntington by the Sea RV Park

Some days this signal was great and others it was almost unusable. If we went over to the clubhouse it would get much stronger, I think it was a different repeater over there. It didn’t like me using the long range bridge and router, they worked sometimes, but dropped connection a lot. FTP traffic was limited to 30Kbps but HTML traffic was speedy (when it worked). I did download a bunch of big files overnight without an problems, overall it wasn’t a bad WiFi experience. At least it wasn’t Tengo Internet

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