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  • Out here again

    So, We are doing it again. We decided that we didn’t want to spend the winter on the mountain this year. Things have changed a little since we arrived in the RV in 2015, unfortunately we have no pets now, but we have a human child. As much as traveling the country with a cat […]

  • Texas, Round 2

    When we got back into Texas it was like a different world from when we left. They had been getting rain about 4 times a week for 3 months and everything was so green. What was dusty western scrub brush was lush grassland. It was an AMAZING sight. It really was a stark difference from […]

  • Meadview, Arizona

    Meadview is a tiny town near the west rim of the grand canyon. If you can imagine the town from the movie Tremors and the people from that movie. It’s exactly this. No trees taller than a cactus. On the map it looks like there’s a lot of roads, but in reality you can just […]

  • San Francisco California

    Looking back at all these pictures and places I realize that there really is a lot to do in the San Francisco area. We stayed here for almost 2 months, I had a two week trip back to Virginia and we spent Christmas in Tahoe. But this was home for most of that time. The […]

  • Boise, Idaho

    We only stayed in Boise one night, just like we did in Albuquerque, but we forced ourselves go out and see the city. Because when is the next time we are going to purposely travel to Idaho? It was about a 6 hour drive from Salt Lake City, the drive wasn’t as nice as others […]

  • Dallas, Texas

    We actually stayed in Arlington, about 6 miles from Cowboys Stadium. But if they get to be the Dallas Cowboys, then this post is called Dallas, Tx.

  • Stone Mountain, Georgia

    When I think of Stone Mountain Georgia I think of two things. 1. Laser Show – because come on, Lasers and Patriotic music. 2. Kenneth Parcell is from there on the show 30 rock. So when my sisters asked me where we were going to stay, there was only one choice. I want to watch […]

  • Asheville, NC – extended

    Asheville is one of our favorite places, so we knew that it was going to be one of our first stops on the tour. We were stressed out from the drive through Virginia and it was great to have a good RV park to set up for the first days of working on the road.

  • Asheville NC

    We just left Asheville NC on Thursday.  It was a great visit,  but it’s all a blur.  We’re trying to remember all the food we ate,  breweries we went to,  and adventures we had there.  I’ll post a longer story sometime later.

  • Day One Travel Update

    Even though we are having a little trouble with the new owners of the house arguing about the renters deposit we have to put that stuff behind us and get on the road. We clearly should have planned more time to get the RV ready for the road. But that’s how we procrastinate (I mean […]