Stone Mountain, Georgia

When I think of Stone Mountain Georgia I think of two things. 1. Laser Show – because come on, Lasers and Patriotic music. 2. Kenneth Parcell is from there on the show 30 rock.

So when my sisters asked me where we were going to stay, there was only one choice. I want to watch lasers and drink the finest ‘Hill people milk’ that I can get my hands on.

Stone Mountain RV Park – It’s a little expensive, around $55 per night. But for the most part you are right on the lake in almost every spot and you do seem to get some discounts on attractions. Which we didn’t take full advantage of, because we don’t plan ahead on anything right now. The spots are flat and the people seem to be friendly and everything worked great. But the wifi was a little weak, good enough for checking some email. But we’re not going to be streaming Netflix.

Evergreen Conference Center – Now I don’t really have a review of this place since I was only pretending to be a guest while I used their WiFi for two days while we were there. But It looked really nice, the internet was very fast, and all of the staff were very friendly and helpful. The only complaint I have is that the blaring 70’s soft rock by the pool is a little infuriating.

Village Corner German Restaurant – Even though my last name is Schumaker I’ve never really sought out German food. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve really gotten a taste for sauerkraut and of course beer. So for the second time this trip we ended up at a fancy German place. This place was GREAT, the beer selection was good, the food portions were hefty, the pretzels were HUGE and so tender. Just an all around good German time with the Schumakers, including my sisters. The only thing missing was my parents. We’ll have to get together with them there next time we’re in town.

Stone Mountain – We got into the spot on Saturday with enough time to set up the RV and cook dinner for everyone. It was our first dinner party in the Schubox. Laurel cooked up some sausage, a salad, some mac and cheese, and even made a loaf of bread in the breadmaker. She’s quite the chef, no matter how small the kitchen! Everybody went to the pool and then it was time to head to the mountain for the laser show.

Like everything on this trip so far, we were running a little bit behind. We missed the first son of the laser show, which was ‘Georgia on my Mind’. So that was a little bit of a bummer, but we did get to see ‘Devil went down to Georgia’. I think they changed the music a little, guess they couldn’t afford Charlie Daniels any more. The other changes to the laser show were pretty good, they have a little bit of ‘projector magic’ where it looks like the mountain is covered in ice while they play ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen. It probably keeps the kids more interested than a badly animated James Brown song, but I did miss a little bit of the more nostalgic songs.

The next day we took the tour around the museum, which like everything else, I remember being much bigger as a kid. I also remember it being free, now it costs $9. We took the cable car up to the top of the mountain, which… again, I’m sure I did as a kid. But it was a totally new experience as an adult. The difference in landscape on the bald granite rock was really jarring. Add to that the fact that you’re up so high above everything around you and its a really surreal experience. We took a bunch of pictures and then went back down to see the other attractions.

When I was little there was nothing else there, it was laser show, buying glow-in-the-dark crap, maybe some caramel corn. Then fight traffic back to Roswell. But now they have a whole theme park there. The only other thing we did there was the ‘Sky Hike’, (because we forgot that it closed early on Sunday) But it was fun, they hook you into a metal guide and let you walk over all these ropes and balance beams, up to 3 stories high. Probably worth $15 by itself, but a great value as part of your $29 ‘adventure pass’. Laurel ran through it like it was a race since she used to work at a challenge course. But I tried to challenge myself to cross some of them without using my hands for balance. I ended up scaring the crap out of myself when I slipped off one of them. After that ‘Saftey test’ of the rope, I felt a lot safer on the rest of the course.

Jimmy Macs – If you’re looking for a bar in Marietta that has $1 PBR tallboys, open mic night, and a decent rueben sandwich. Check out Jimmy Macs, my cousin is the kitchen manager.  That’s just about all I can remember about Jimmy Macs it was all erased by something they call ‘Vodka Drink’ that tastes just like pink lemonade.
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