Treetops RV resort – WiFi



Treetops Carefree RV Resort
Another Tengo Internet based park. But this time you only get 1 day free then it’s $5.95 per day (discounts for bulk purchases), it was passable. I really wasn’t expecting much. It’s one of those that get’s a ‘B’ rating but then varies greatly during the day.

Their Tengo account page seems to indicate that you get a lot more bandwidth before they start to throttle you, the last Tengo site only had a max of 700mb. I’ll have to try to use that tonight!

Another thing that we found out is that you’re only paying for one computer to connect at a time. So I used the wifi bridge to connect our router to their network. Which also had the benefit of speeding up the connection to and ‘A’ rating and knocking 40ms off the ping time. (a 3x increase!)


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