Coming home, leaving some things, moving on.

It was a little strange rolling back into Northern VA after having been on the road for so long. Everything’s sort of the same, but it feels different. We parked the RV in my coworkers driveway and continued our life just like it was the days before. The stop wasn’t all great for the family, while we were here we lost two members of the family. Laurel’s grandmother had been in failing health for a while and we knew that we had to get back to see her one last time. At one month over her 100th birthday she passed away. She was a great woman who led her family with respect and intelligence and we will miss her.

In a tragic turn of events, our dog Baby also passed while we were home in VA. She ate a poisonous houseplant and because she was older couldn’t deal with the aftermath. She was a great little dog in her older years, she will be missed also.

On the way our of VA we hit one last goodbye spot, Floyd VA for Floydfest. We had a lot on our hearts and minds, but we tried to let it go as much as we could and enjoy the event. It was a good way for us to celebrate life. We met some new people camping in the RV lot for the first time. It was a little strange for us because for a couple days everybody was on vacation, but we technically lived there.

Moving on… In the middle of all of this we made another decision. To buy some property in Oregon, a cabin on Mt Hood. We love it up there and we wanted to have a piece of it to call our own. I don’t think that will be the end of our journey, but just another stop along the way.


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