Los Angeles : Round 2

We just went down to San Diego for 2 weeks, then it was back to LA. Laurel had a conference for her work and we bounced around the area for a while. By this point we were really getting comfortable in LA. It’s a pretty nice town if you don’t have to fight the traffic.


Laurel had another Doterra conference in Anaheim so decided to stay close to the resorts again. She was actually staying in a hotel walking distance from Disney and the conference center. So I stayed in the RV and took care of the animals. This also gave me a chance to explore some more of Anaheim by myself.

Anaheim RV resort

IMAG3689.jpgThis is the closest RV park to Disney, so it’s a little expensive. I guess there used to be some other park really close to Disney that everyone rated highly, but this one is pretty good if you’re visiting Disney. You can’t walk to the park, but it’s close. It’s a $3 shuttle ride to Disney, they have fast Internet, and the cleanest private bathrooms I’ve ever been in. I seriously thought about taking a picture of them. Private toilet and shower with floor to ceiling tile. Beautiful, the down side being that there are only a few of them and even at 630 am they were all full.

The Bruery

IMAG3704.jpgSomething that somehow slipped my mind the last time we were here is that one of my favorite breweries is in Anaheim. It was a $12 Uber ride but I knew it was going to be worth it since they’re famous for barrel aged high ABV beers. They had a couple that were the same beer aged in different barrels, it was neat to taste the difference. There weren’t a ton of people in there so I think a weekday is the best time to go.
Favorite Beer : Smoking Wood w/Mole

Aires Del Peru

IMAG3758.jpgWith Laurel moved out to a hotel by the conference I was once again on my own in the RV. Which somehow always triggers my craving for fish marinated in line juice. I found one only 2miles from the park. When I got there it was sparsely seated, but that didn’t stop an older Hispanic man from wailing on an electric guitar at maximum volume. The ceviche was excellent by all my factors. It was reasonably priced, it was a large portion, and it was sour and delicious. So good in fact that I brought Laurel and her mom back the next day for a full dinner. The Lomo saltado was also great.

Doterra leadership conference

IMAG3731.jpgHeld in the Anaheim convention center, it was all about new leadership techniques and a few new products. You had to be silver and above to attend and with Laurel just having hit platinum, it felt pretty cool to be there. I only went to one session, but Laurel and her team were there for 3 days. With everyone else flying into LA and treating it like a vacation conference, I didn’t see Laurel very much.

Bistro Blue Anaheim

IMAG3742.jpgFor a treat for her team Mandy took us out to a French California restaurant. It was a very private place. We had so much delicious food. They were full of delicious butter but also had a little Californian twist. The escargot were marinating in this thick wine sauce that was super rich. The chicken was also decadent. It was a great meal with a cool group of ladies.


Long Beach

Golden shore RV resort

IMAG3775.jpgWe had been trying to get into this park for about a month. They’re always full! I thought there had to be something special about it, they had an opening for two nights during the week. So we moved the whole thing from Anaheim. It’s a smallish park located right on the waterway in Long Beach. It’s got a good number of full time residents who take a lot of pride in their spots. It’s a clean park with a nice pool and hot tub. They seem to be a little strict enforcing the rules. They tried to charge me $1 per page to receive a fax. And the were the only park in the country to actually ask for our good sam card. It’s technically walking distance to downtown LB, but you do have to walk by a serious homeless camp at the library. So I wouldn’t do it at night.

The Queen Mary

IMAG3782.jpgWe missed going to the Queen Mary last time we were in town so we decided to go out to dinner on the boat. It’s a little expensive to get on, but they give you that back in food credit at the restaurants. Which are also pretty expensive so they better give you something. The food is decent, but the atmosphere of being on the old ship with the great view of downtown long Beach really sells it. There weren’t a lot of people on board, so we just walked around on the decks and took pictures of the sunset. Nice way to spend an evening

San Dimas

IMAG3822.jpgWe had to move to 3 parks in one week because we didn’t plan ahead and it was LA county schools spring break, so Huntington Beach, Long Beach, and Anaheim were all booked up. I made the descision to get back to San Dimas for the weekend. East Shore RV is a great little escape not far from downtown LA. It was also fun to take Laurel and Sue back to all the places I lived when Laurel was in Virginia.

Glen Ivy

IMAG3877.jpgIMAG3871.jpgWe had a wedding to go to out east of LA, good thing too since it was also spring break and all the RV parks were booked up for the weekend. The views in Corona are pretty if you like large dusty Hills. I again went over to Tim’s house in Riverside to have dinner and see another high school friend. So it all worked out for us again, but that’s how it works.

The Wedding

IMAG3834.jpgIMAG3851.jpgThe wedding was at Glen Ivy country club. It was really just the reception since they had been married at the courthouse the night before. It was a great wedding and I got to see his parents whom I probably hadn’t seen in 18 years.


Glen Ivy RV resort

IMAG3823.jpgThis RV park was right next door to the country club where the wedding was held. The price was right, so we decided that we would stay there for almost a week. We met a couple in San Dimas that gave us the teeth gritting frowny face when we mentioned that we were going here. First off, its not that bad. It’s no resort, its a little run down, and with California’s current drought it looks like the dust bowl. You can tell that they’re trying hard to change the image, they have a new office building and recently renovated the store. The real eyesore is that some of the permanent residents’ RVs are in real bad shape. But we felt safe the whole time and took several nighttime walks around the park. They had a gate and their own sheriff, who looked like he was dressed in a sheriff costume. But was toting a non-costume gun.

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