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SchusUntied 2 Recap

We traveled about the same distance as before, but we had some major stops because of car trouble. We visited a lot of family and enjoyed almost every minute of it. We are so grateful to our family and friends for letting us indulge in this crazy adventure. I’ll try to post more about the trip, but I didn’t want to forget to post this!

Roadtrippers Recap


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Las Vegas

Finally out of California! If you don’t count Guatemala and Mexico, We had spent almost 6 months in California. But the state is pretty huge and the cities are very different. But now it was time to visit Nadine and Daryl and my cousin John in the city of Sin. But Laurel had to fly back to LA for a conference and she decided to also fly back to Virginia to visit her 100 year old grandmother. So that left me alone in Vegas for a lot of the time. John was still working nights at a restaurant, so our schedules didn’t overlap much. So I spent most of the time exploring by myself. I played a lot of disc golf, hiked, rode my new bike around, ate ceviche, hung out at the pool, and spent almost zero time gambling.

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Los Angeles : Round 2

We just went down to San Diego for 2 weeks, then it was back to LA. Laurel had a conference for her work and we bounced around the area for a while. By this point we were really getting comfortable in LA. It’s a pretty nice town if you don’t have to fight the traffic.

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Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach was our landing spot in southern California after spending a couple months around San Francisco. We were tired of the rain and general gloomieness of the weather and needed some winter sunshine. Also we had booked our flights to Guatemala out of LAX, so we needed to be somewhat near the airport. It’s tough to find a RV park around the LA area that has the amenities we wanted and still be affordable and in a nicer neighborhood. Man, do we sound needy. When looking at the parks on the Internet it can be difficult to tell what the neighborhood is like. Even with the review sites you need to get an idea of who is giving the reviews before you trust their judgment of the area. That’s why you can trust me!

The first night we were in Huntington we walked down to the pier and hap...

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Lake Tahoe, California

We decided that we needed some time away from the RV for Christmas. Since we weren’t going to be near any family for the holidays we thought a little ski trip would be nice. So we put some food and water out for the cat, packed the dog and our snowboard stuff into the Scion and hit the road to Lake Tahoe.

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Humbolt County California

Northern California is it’s own unique area. It’s a little bit of the oregon weather and farms with a lot of the free spirit and open mindedness of California. It’s a good mix and each little town has its own flavor. We spent most of our time in Eureka and Arcata, two towns so close together and tied into Laurel’s family history, but they couldn’t be more different. They both have that distinct Northern California sleepy vibe. It could be the time of year we visited, but they seem to be constantly blanketed in a fog bank. Then at a random time of day the sun will poke out and you’ll remember how pretty it can be there, but then back to damn soul crushing grey.

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Salt Lake City

It’s been a week since we left SLC for the Northwest, so I’d better write down our memories from the city.
Getting into SLC late at night was a little hectic. We drove through some pertty hairy construction areas. I was really tired from driving and working my weird east coast time schedule so Laurel did the last few hours of driving. We got to the Pony Express RV Park on the north side of the city aroun 11:30 at night, I had to get up for work at 6am. So there was no time to celebrate getting to a new city.

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Austin, Texas

Austin is one of those cities that everyone tells you that you will like before you get there and they’re probably not wrong. I say probably because it seems like everyone would love a city with a college town vibe, tons of live music, great beers, friendly people, clean rivers, low-ish prices. The only down side is that it’s in the middle of Texas!

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A bump in the road


So this happened.

As we were rushing to get the RV to the courthouse so that we could register it in Florida we ran into a little snag. We got ourselves into a tight parking lot in the back of the courthouse. As I nervously positioned the RV to make a tight turn around a corner I forgot to account for the fact that the back of the RV swings out when you make tight turns. In doing that I clipped the fender of a Jeep and got the tire and fender of our tow dolly stuck under the front of the Jeep. Whoops.

The back ‘panel’ of the RV got ripped off on one side and the tow dolly fender has some pretty substantial dents. But nothing structural is wrong with either of them. So we’ve just duck taped the damaged fiberglass to keep the moisture out and got back on the road.

The owner of the jeep, a local firefighter, has been very nice about this incident (so far) and Progressive Insurance has been very pleasant to deal with about all this (so far).

We will keep you up to date on all of this.

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Green Cove Springs and St Augustine Florida

Sort of last minute we decided to swing though Florida on our trip. We are using St Brennans Isle as our mail forwarding service and we’ve heard good things about becoming Florida residents. On our way down we stopped in our first Walmart parking lot, because we just couldn’t drive anymore. It felt pretty safe, when we woke up we realized that we had parked right in front of a sign that read “no overnight RV parking”! But we were out of there by 6am, so nobody noticed.

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