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Green Cove Springs and St Augustine Florida

Sort of last minute we decided to swing though Florida on our trip. We are using St Brennans Isle as our mail forwarding service and we’ve heard good things about becoming Florida residents. On our way down we stopped in our first Walmart parking lot, because we just couldn’t drive anymore. It felt pretty safe, when we woke up we realized that we had parked right in front of a sign that read “no overnight RV parking”! But we were out of there by 6am, so nobody noticed.

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Stone Mountain, Georgia

When I think of Stone Mountain Georgia I think of two things. 1. Laser Show – because come on, Lasers and Patriotic music. 2. Kenneth Parcell is from there on the show 30 rock.

So when my sisters asked me where we were going to stay, there was only one choice. I want to watch lasers and drink the finest ‘Hill people milk’ that I can get my hands on.

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Asheville, NC – extended

Asheville is one of our favorite places, so we knew that it was going to be one of our first stops on the tour. We were stressed out from the drive through Virginia and it was great to have a good RV park to set up for the first days of working on the road.

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Asheville NC

We just left Asheville NC on Thursday.  It was a great visit,  but it’s all a blur.  We’re trying to remember all the food we ate,  breweries we went to,  and adventures we had there.  I’ll post a longer story sometime later.

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Day One Travel Update

Even though we are having a little trouble with the new owners of the house arguing about the renters deposit we have to put that stuff behind us and get on the road. We clearly should have planned more time to get the RV ready for the road. But that’s how we procrastinate (I mean planned). We had to just put our things in any cabinet available to get them out of the way for the trip.

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