Tag: WiFi

  • WiFi : Lighthouse Point (Cedar Point)

    Pretty good signal without the extender but somewhere in the middle on ping speed. Hooked up the extender and saw a huge jump. But had to fiddle with the DNS settings to get it to pass through. Kind of a pain, but I’m getting used to it.

  • WiFi : Martin Campground

    We are pretty far from the office and I couldn’t even connect with just my laptop. So another victory for the Antenna. But it’s pretty bad.

  • WiFi : Cape Girardeau RV Park

    When it works it’s great.  But it just stops working randomly, I think there might be some kind of DNS conflict, or maybe it just took some time to sort itself out. But didn’t work at night, works this morning… so there.

  • WiFi : Tom Sawyer’s Mississippi RV Park

    Again B+ on this test is an A+ in the RV Park world. Super fast internet, 900-1000Kbps download speeds. I did have some trouble connecting last night and they do have a note on their handout that says “Do not attempt to connect your wireless router to Tom Sawyers Network”. But I don’t see the […]

  • WiFi : Woodshire Mobile Home Park

    Didn’t have much faith in this one and that’s pretty much what you get.

  • WiFi : Weatherford KOA

    125ms ping may be bad for home internet, but as far as campground wifi goes it’s pretty good. Looks like it’s about 100kbps FTP download speed.

  • WiFi : Golden Shores RV Resort

    I don’t know if I buy it… It’s still Tengo… but they don’t mention any  bandwidth caps. So this may be great.  Only time will tell

  • WiFi : Anaheim Resort RV Park spot 179

    150 yards from the office with the external antenna mounted on the roof pointing back at the office. Seems great right now, but it is Tengo Internet, so I could run into bandwidth caps and slowdowns.

  • SchusUntied WiFi Bridge Fixed

    I’ve loved this Engenius ENS200 wifi bridge device that I got before the trip. It’s really helped me connect to far away WiFi repeaters and get a really solid connection on all our devices, some of which have terrible reception. The only problems with my setup have been that since I had the device in […]

  • WiFi : Huntington by the Sea RV Park

    Some days this signal was great and others it was almost unusable. If we went over to the clubhouse it would get much stronger, I think it was a different repeater over there. It didn’t like me using the long range bridge and router, they worked sometimes, but dropped connection a lot. FTP traffic was […]