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Dutcher Creek RV park WIFI

Finally a park that’s not Tengo Internet. The infrastructure is a little old, most of the repeaters are ‘wireless B’ but it’s not that bad. You can connect 2 devices and while it’s intermittent at times. You can slip in a few YouTube videos and some streaming music in between work. I could not connect the Bridge and router though, some kind of firewall or popup blocker problem.

Dutcher Creek RV Park

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Mountain View RV Park – WiFi






I didn’t want to be so harsh on the WiFi signal here. I worked all day from here so I know it was at least usable during the day. But I did these tests at about 2:30 and these were the results. The first one is connected to my wifi bridge (and going through my work VPN) the second one is directly connected to the hotspot with my laptop. The manager of the resort mentioned that they were upgrading their wifi and adding new repeaters sometime soon. The new service will also have the ability for a user to pay for a limited time boost in bandwidth to download a program or stream some Netflix. I think that would be a welcome addition to the RV Wifi Industry.

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WiFi on the Schubox

When I was planning the electronics package on the RV I knew that I wanted to have our own wifi bubble in the RV so that all the phones and devices could connect to the local media server.  I also wanted to be able to connect the TV to Netflix with a good connection.

So after some research I decided to purchase a long range WiFi bridge to attach the router to the internet. I went with http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009X0RQXW/ref=cfb_at_prodpg#

The speed at the first campground wasn’t good at first and I was getting a little worried about being able to work from here. But then I connected the bridge! 3X the speed. Enough to stream Netflix over at a pretty good quality. It’s still limited since the RV park only has a Wireless G router...

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