What are we doing?

So how do I tell you this.

It’s not you,  it’s us.

We’ve decided it’s not working for us living in Virginia right now and thanks to the taxpayer relief act of 1997 we have the ability to sell our house and do whatever we want with our time and money.  So Laurel and I have decided to buy a motor home and tour the country for an indefinite period of time.

We are both working,  Laurel for DoTerra and I’m still Tele working for Salient Federal. We still have our pets, Dina the cat and Baby the dog are coming with us.  We put some of our stuff in storage,  sold (or gave away)  most of the furniture and hit the road.

Our vehicle is a 2005 Fleetwood Bounder,  Class A motor home.  36 feet long and towing a car behind it.

We plan to take the southern route across the country heading to SLC in mid September,  then on to Humboldt CA and Vancouver Canada.

We did plan ahead for this,  but we are still doing this by the seat of our pants.  So follow us on this website and hopefully we will get better as we go along.

On the road,
Mark and Laurel Schumaker


8 responses to “What are we doing?”

  1. I’ll be following the misadventures! Good luck!

  2. Yay! The blog is up! Can’t wait to see the adventure unfold!

  3. This is awesome man. Be safe on the roads and keep us all updated.

  4. Following! Drive safe 😉

  5. Deborah Betancourt Avatar
    Deborah Betancourt

    May all your dreams come true ! Have a blast! I look forward to pics and such. You guys rock!!

  6. Lindsay Stewart Avatar
    Lindsay Stewart

    Hope all’s going well and that you’re having a wonderful time!


    Aunt Lindsay

  7. Elizabeth Arrowood Avatar
    Elizabeth Arrowood

    Fabulous! So happy for you two. 🙂

  8. Heather Ivory Avatar
    Heather Ivory

    This is awesome! Enjoy! Sounds like an amazing adventure.

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