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Stone Mountain, Georgia

When I think of Stone Mountain Georgia I think of two things. 1. Laser Show – because come on, Lasers and Patriotic music. 2. Kenneth Parcell is from there on the show 30 rock.

So when my sisters asked me where we were going to stay, there was only one choice. I want to watch lasers and drink the finest ‘Hill people milk’ that I can get my hands on.

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Asheville, NC – extended

Asheville is one of our favorite places, so we knew that it was going to be one of our first stops on the tour. We were stressed out from the drive through Virginia and it was great to have a good RV park to set up for the first days of working on the road.

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Stone Mountain Marriott Conferrence Center WiFi

The speed test was so bad at the RV park that we decided to try out the Marriott lobby for some breakfast and internet. It’s really good here, lets hope they don’t notice that we’re here all day. But I am a Marriott rewards member… so maybe that would help

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Pet steps: the worst purchase yet

We’ve bought some questionable and unnecessary stuff as we start this trip.  But nothing has been as poor quality and instantly useless as these collapsible pet steps.

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WiFi on the Schubox

When I was planning the electronics package on the RV I knew that I wanted to have our own wifi bubble in the RV so that all the phones and devices could connect to the local media server.  I also wanted to be able to connect the TV to Netflix with a good connection.

So after some research I decided to purchase a long range WiFi bridge to attach the router to the internet. I went with

The speed at the first campground wasn’t good at first and I was getting a little worried about being able to work from here. But then I connected the bridge! 3X the speed. Enough to stream Netflix over at a pretty good quality. It’s still limited since the RV park only has a Wireless G router...

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Stone Mountain RV park WiFi

I’m not going to be playing Xbox from here. I’ll try to point the antenna at some of the other repeaters.

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Asheville NC

We just left Asheville NC on Thursday.  It was a great visit,  but it’s all a blur.  We’re trying to remember all the food we ate,  breweries we went to,  and adventures we had there.  I’ll post a longer story sometime later.

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Day One Travel Update

Even though we are having a little trouble with the new owners of the house arguing about the renters deposit we have to put that stuff behind us and get on the road. We clearly should have planned more time to get the RV ready for the road. But that’s how we procrastinate (I mean planned). We had to just put our things in any cabinet available to get them out of the way for the trip.

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What are we doing?

So how do I tell you this.

It’s not you,  it’s us.

We’ve decided it’s not working for us living in Virginia right now and thanks to the taxpayer relief act of 1997 we have the ability to sell our house and do whatever we want with our time and money.  So Laurel and I have decided to buy a motor home and tour the country for an indefinite period of time.

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Getting Started

We’re a little late getting this blog underway. But in between upgrading the RV and packing up the house I hope to find time to let you know what’s going on with our adventure.

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