Holbrook, Arizona

There’s not a lot going on in Holbrook, AZ. We stayed in the North side of town where there are a few hotels and restaurants for the people traveling on historic route 66. In the south side there are plenty of ridiculous dinosaur statues and one or two mexican restaurants. But it’s a good stopover if you’re passing through the area.

OK RV Park

IMAG4152.jpgNothing special about this RV park really. It’s pretty much jut a dusty parking lot somewhat near route 66. But it does provide some great views of sunsets and sunrises and sunsets because everything is so flat out there. There weren’t very many people at the park, but the owners were very nice and the WiFi was decent. We saw a few different tour groups come through when we stayed there for a few days. If you’re looking to explore the area it’s a good park to stop at.

Petrified Forest

IMAG4162.jpgI don’t know what we expected when we said that we were going to the petrified forest. I think we might have expected more logs or maybe we were silly and thought they should be upright. But in reality it’s a pretty desolate landscape with rocks. Lots and Lots of rocks. The neat part is imagining that these were once lush marshlands and forests. Then over MILLIONS of years the trees fell and were turned into rocks. Then the climate and landscape shifted and what was green became brown. One of the other attractions was seeing the ancient villages and markings on rocks from the people who lived in the area 10000 years ago, which was actually much cooler than the petrified trees themselves. The north end of the park is known as “The Painted Desert” and has a couple great overlooks. My advice would be to just buy a nice piece of petrified wood, then drive from the north side of the park, only get out at the ‘village’ and ‘newspaper rock’ sites.

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