Tag: Arizona

  • Holbrook, Arizona

    There’s not a lot going on in Holbrook, AZ. We stayed in the North side of town where there are a few hotels and restaurants for the people traveling on historic route 66. In the south side there are plenty of ridiculous dinosaur statues and one or two mexican restaurants. But it’s a good stopover […]

  • Flagstaff, Arizona

    It felt like we had been in Vegas long enough. So we planned out our route home on Roadtrippers.com. Laurel wanted to go through Texas again to see her grandparents and friends in Dallas so we took the southern route again. If we hadn’t had to go that way we probably would have gone north […]

  • Meadview, Arizona

    Meadview is a tiny town near the west rim of the grand canyon. If you can imagine the town from the movie Tremors and the people from that movie. It’s exactly this. No trees taller than a cactus. On the map it looks like there’s a lot of roads, but in reality you can just […]

  • WiFi : OK RV Park

    The Signal wasn’t as terrible as these readings make it seem, that’s why I tested it multiple times. But they do have some kind of software running that limits sustained transfers at high speeds, the testing would start with a ping of 150 and then finish terrible like this. So in actual usage it was […]